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Sunday, 18 April 2010

SCGT Scenery WIP All going to plan! Yes Yes!

Having to bring some Scenery to SCGT presented something of a challenge to me, do I take ordinry bland scenery like so many will or do I bring a bit of fun?

No brainer really so here is my WIP shots of the scenery to be done before next weekend. This is one project, a Skaven Chemical factory/tower.

The pipes and chemical cans and towers are from an urgban warfare kit I had lying around I also used them on a Warp lightning cannon which once painted I will put up here.
And a Slightly easier project some sunken ruins.

I will also be painting an ordinary wood to save time and money (although none of the above cost me much more than spare parts yay!)
Tell me what you think guys!

Love to your Mothers!

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