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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Loves Labours Lost

Hello Again.
Just want to show you my wicker man, this was a real labour of love which is why it was a real shame but I had to sell this army recently because of a sudden financial emergency.

But ah well ce la vie, built over an armature the main body of the model is milliput which I then pressed cocktail sticks into to give it the vertical slats. The cage and man are actually from the Giant sprue, I considered trying to find a policeman model but decided that would be very silly. The flames were rolls of green stuff sculpted to the shape desired.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

On a Dark and Wintery Evening

Hi there the titan is going to need a few repairs so instead I am going to show you an Undead Werewolf I did for my themed Tomb Kings army.

The Idea for the army is that it is an ancient celtic style army with all sorts of cool undead creatures to stand in for the constructs.

The model is based on a Broodlord with a Dire wolf head the rest of it was sculpted on. I had to refer to anatomical drawings of Humans and Dogs to try and get the right musculature, I used this model as a Tomb Scorpion.

The army got nominated for best Army at Heat 2 of the WFB Grand Tournament.In my next post I'll show you the Burning Wicker Man I did for the army as a Bone Giant.

Hope you like it!
More Pics after the jump.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Many apologies

Hi guys sorry I haven't posted in a while because of Crimbo and new year I plan to return with some more pictures soon.

I am gonna take some pictures of my own titan I did some time ago as I am rather prud of him though I will have to see what condition the old boys in at the moment.

In the meantime though here is a picture of an officer of the fleet I completed recently.