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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Long Range Killy Death Cygnar Style!

Ok have just finished a commission for a good mate of mine, some Cygnar stuff. Including (Deep Breath) a unit of Rangers, a unit of Gun mages with attendant unit attachment and Gun Mage Captain Adept, two more Long Gunners for his unit to max them out, a Charger and Sentinel Light Warjacks, a Centurion Heavy Jack and finally Lieutenant Allistair Caine Warcaster and gun slinger extroadinaire!

I really enjoyed painting these as I don't often paint blue which is a really nice colour surprisingly easy to paint with a striking contrast to black and white, similar in scheme to my old Tau army I showed previously. The odd thing I have noticed about Privateer Press models is that their faces while more realistic in some ways than Citadels because of that they are much harder to paint. The softer features of a gun mage present odd shading difficulties, whereas a citadel model is a lot more defined often more scarred and obvious. I don't think either things are bad just differant painting styles are needed. Any way onto the pictures! Next time I will show more of my Retribution of Scyrah stuff as I have now nearly finished painting the lot!

Enjoy and love to your mothers!

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