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Saturday, 30 June 2012



You know I haven't posted in so long I thought I should treat you to a view of one of my entire armies! This is my fleet for the game Dystopian Wars, more specifically the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Dystopian wars is a great little game and with the release of the recent second edition it goes from strength to strength.

Read more about it after the Jump!

Top View

My intention with this fleet was to keep the colour scheme simple and to do some nice details on them. Above and below is my Tenkei Sky Fortress, this gorgeous model is the very reason I collect this game and faction, its amazing in both concept and design with wonderful details like the lifeboats one of which is missing!
Seriously how cool is this model!

Sky Fortress Underside Rear

Underside Front
Look at the main guns on the nacelles, I love that they are underneath shooting down it shows the thought that's gone into this model!

These are the Inari Class Scout Gyros these babies are a staple in any game I play the combination of being able to use cloud cover making them damn near un-hittable plus they have a really nice and powerful turret combined with bombs is a killer combo. Two squadrons of these babies and I'm ready to rock and sock!

The Pale bone coloured bands on fleet models were partly inspired by the headbands worn by the Kamikaze pilots in WWII. On this Fleet I have used them to break up the Cold steel look and to use them as handy little squadron markers. You can't quite tell but the Characters on the bands which are 'above' the red sun mark are the numbers for the squadron, this just makes it easier to keep a track of damage.

The Reason I painted them on different parts of the models for each one is simple, don't give the blasted opposing gunners a decent deflection target! By putting them on different parts I'm making sure that it serves to confuse and disrupt the enemy's sights! As Tesco put it 'Every little helps'.

The bases I made simply because I don't trust resin not to chip like an absolute bugger, plus I really like the idea of making them look like they are plowing through stormy seas like the intrepid warmongers these guys are!

They are made out of GW movement trays which I cut to a uniform length for each ship type, this means that I'm not cheating when moving them. The smaller ships such as these frigates were put onto small rolls of green stuff so that they appeared to be swaying in the high seas, I didn't want to over do it so the effect is subtle.

The waves themselves are made from ready mixed polyfilla in a tube which like tooth paste can be squeezed out onto the bases then I used a spatula (really cheap ones you can get from an art shop for pennies) just like the ones you used at primary school, to spread the polyfilla around a bit. Then using the spatula I started to pull at the polyfill as it was drying in order to pull the waves in the direction I wanted. All in all takes no time at all really and I think looks awesome, some might say it gets in the way when your playing but I have had no such issues, I can't imagine my guys getting so close for it to be a problem!

Yep painted my tiny flyers like Zero's. So much fun! Only issue is I'm starting to think that I should repaint the numbers into real ones as they are easier to read on the fly.

It really is a shame that I just don't rate the Dreadnought as its a lovely model, although I haven't seen if its changed at all in the new edition. Lovely model though.

The Japanese characters on the side do mean something but I can't remember for the life of me what they are.

Ah the cruisers, its so unfortunate they are rubbish when you compare them to the Inari Scout Gyro flyer but still they are quite nice models.

Ah! The squid, the final element that pushed me into playing these guys, seriously how could you turn down the opportunity to play with a giant mechanical Squid!

The only issue I have with these guys is my 'headband' design kinda feels like here I've made them look like a cartoon squid sushi chef! Not sure where I've got that notion from but it seems to be stuck there in my head.

Ok Hope you've liked looking at my fleet, comments and criticisms welcome and if you have any questions feel free to ask below and I'll try look back soon and reply!

Love to your Mothers!