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Friday, 4 December 2009

First Post

Hello there and welcome to my new Blog.
My name is Edward Neale-Scullion and I am a collector and commission painter of Wargaming Miniatures (A fancy word for Toy Soldiers).
I am a firm believer in the following:

  • It’s a game so have a laugh.
  • If you stop making noises with the models something inside you has died.
  • No man ever truly grows up.
  • Every man in the entire world is a geek for something, be it football or trains.
I plan on using this blog as a way of showing my work and hopefully as a way of getting more business. This may sound cynical but the more people that would like to hire me as a painter the longer I can live without the drudgery of modern work life.
I will also give updates on my goals that I plan on completing before the end of 2010. They are as following:

  • Stay out of the treadmill, keep away from a true job they only hold you back.
  • Get into University on a film production course, beginning in September.
  • Lose Weight; I’m going to need support on this chaps and chappesses so no comments of who ate all the pies please because it may well cause me to eat all the pies.
  • Create a thriving online painting commission business that will support me through this year and into university.
If you would like me to paint your models for you Private Message me and we can work some stuff out. I believe I am unique in the way I charge for models, I charge based on the retail price of a model. More details will follow.
I will also post up pictures of some commission work I have already done. Thank you for reading my Blog and hopefully we can talk soon!

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