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Saturday, 30 January 2010

On a Dark and Wintery Evening

Hi there the titan is going to need a few repairs so instead I am going to show you an Undead Werewolf I did for my themed Tomb Kings army.

The Idea for the army is that it is an ancient celtic style army with all sorts of cool undead creatures to stand in for the constructs.

The model is based on a Broodlord with a Dire wolf head the rest of it was sculpted on. I had to refer to anatomical drawings of Humans and Dogs to try and get the right musculature, I used this model as a Tomb Scorpion.

The army got nominated for best Army at Heat 2 of the WFB Grand Tournament.In my next post I'll show you the Burning Wicker Man I did for the army as a Bone Giant.

Hope you like it!
More Pics after the jump.

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