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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Loves Labours Lost

Hello Again.
Just want to show you my wicker man, this was a real labour of love which is why it was a real shame but I had to sell this army recently because of a sudden financial emergency.

But ah well ce la vie, built over an armature the main body of the model is milliput which I then pressed cocktail sticks into to give it the vertical slats. The cage and man are actually from the Giant sprue, I considered trying to find a policeman model but decided that would be very silly. The flames were rolls of green stuff sculpted to the shape desired.

I also did a casket of souls but did it as a well of souls. I'll show you that soon though don't want to give you lot everything at once now would I?
Over the next week I have most of a Skaven army to do before going to the Grand Tournament Final. If any of you are going I will see you there.

I also plan on changing the layout of my blog so don't be surprised if you see this place change a bit soon.

Thanks for reading and I welcome any comments as usual, See ya!

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