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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Keep your Eyes Shut!

Hello Again! This time I'm showing you the Well of Souls from my Barrow Kings army. Built to represent the Casket of Souls from the army book this is based on the  Arcane Ruins scenery set and some other bits and pieces. The well itself is from the Mines of Moria set (the one that has a noisy piece of rusted armour dropped down it) the spirits are spirit hosts from the Vampire Counts. Once I'd built the rest of the model I glued the spirits to there positions then connected them to the well with milliput carrying on the decayed cloth motif they have on their vestments on their trails. Actually this was quite easy to achieve with the right tools.


I use acrylic paint shapers to give a nice smooth join and shape the milliput very nicely, they also stay wet for longer which aids the use of green stuff and lessens that annoying moment when the green stuff sticks to the sculpting tool ruining your hard work.

For painting it I went for a very neutral colour scheme with a fair amount of greys to match the rest of the army but decided that as the model looked very dark I should attempt something I hadn't done before, Source lighting. Now having never done this before I thought this might be a bit risky so took my time with it. But this technique works surprisingly well done in two ways. The way I did this was by drybrushing, which is the quicker way of doing Source Lighting. By making the outer areas the darkest and the areas nearest to the source the lightest drybrushing is effective and quick.

But if I were to spend more time doing it I would do it with a careful blending of colours starting with a large area of darker blending into much smaller lighter areas. Next time I do source lighting I want to experiment with a technique I saw on Bell of Lost Souls where the undercoat is used as a guide to light areas. Spray black first then lightly dust the model with white spray from the direction you want the light to come from and use that as a guide to paint your light areas.

Until next time Love to your Mothers!

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