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Monday, 2 August 2010

The Gue'llissara are here!

So its taken me ages to get this sorted out but here are my Human-Tau!
Before we begin a bit of background on these. At the 2006 GT I came up with an idea for a really cool Broadside conversion, the colour scheme based upon my friends trainers (Thanks Dan!). However given my aversion to anything that isn't human I had to come up with a good reason as to why I was collecting a Tau army, so a human-Tau army it was!

The Sept world of Tol'Anyor was once a world of the Imperium called Gorants Reach, considered a backwater by the High Lords of Terra it was largely ignored by the Imperium at whole. Suffering constant raids by Xenos and heretical forces alike the people and governance of Gorants Reach felt the Imperium a power too distant to help. So when they were approacehed by Human agents of the Tau Water Caste they were only too eager to embrace the protection of a power far closer to home, and so became the Sept world of Tol'Anyor. 

Under the rule of the Tau the world of Tol'Anyor flourished as never before and embraced the technical expertise of the Tau with relish freed from the stagnant oppression of the Priesthood of Mars they welcomed the concept of research and development like a prisoner enjoys freedom. Then the Imperium counter attacked with a mighty force then known as the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Instead of bowing before their former Lords and Masters the people of Tol'Anyor fought in partisan raids against the invading forces of the Imperium to such an extent that the Imperium abandoned its plans of utterly conquering the world and resorted to blockading the system. Once the Crusade was defeated the imperium withdrew from the Damocles Gulf leaving the world of Tol'Anyar to its own devices.

For their part in assisting the Tau Empires efforts to resist the crusade the people of Tol'Anyor were given unfettered access to the full armoury of the Tau Empire to do with as they wished. Some years later the forces of Tol'Anyor are now a vital part of the Tau Third wave expansion fighting at the forefront of the war using their remotely controlled battlesuits and grav-tanks with vastly improved and experimental engines.

The idea of the army was to give a dynamic new version of the battlesuits and to have an army with that real wow factor. I think I achieved that having received the 'Best Themed Army Award' at the PAW tournament in 2009 (yep it took me that long to complete the army).

Hope you like them!
Love to your Mothers!  

Oh! Just before I go this will soon be available on Ebay, needs must I'm afraid!

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